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If you wish to have your pet cremated after they have passed away, Angels At The End can transport your pet and arrange a cremation according to your wishes.  Your pet can be cremated with the ashes returned to you, or cremated without return of ashes.

Private cremation with return of your pets ashes. Angels At The End uses the services of the following two pet-only crematoriums, who will go out of their way to serve you and your pet.  I have visited both companies to be sure I would be comfortable having them care for my pet.  Both organizations perform the cremation themselves and do not contract the service out to another company.  Both organizations have been providing care for many years, and will be glad to answer any questions you have.

  • Greenbrier of Central Florida, located in a beautiful countryside setting in Apopka, provides private cremation for Angels At The End.  For Greenbrier cremations, I provide transportation of your pet and make arrangements for cremation.  For larger pets, I do have a guerney to be sure your pet is moved in a dignified way.   A private cremation of your pet with the ashes returned includes an etched cedar urn with a brass nameplate engraved with your pet's name.  UPS will deliver your pet's ashes to you, usually within 7 days, so that you do not need to make any additional trips.  Home delivery of ashes may also be available depending upon your location.  Private cremation for a cat is $130, and private cremation for a dog less than 125 pounds is $160.
  • Daytona Pet Crematory also home to All God's Creatures, is located in Port Orange, where the owner Curtis Craig serves pet lovers in their time of need.  They do not charge an additional fee for pickup of your pet and delivery of the ashes, but you are welcome to take your pet yourself or follow your pet to Daytona Pet Crematory.  Since your pet is cremated immediately, most clients have found that their pets ashes are often returned the same day.  Please contact Daytona Pet Crematory at 386-253-8391 for pricing and to make cremation arrangements.  Angels At The End does not provide transportation or make cremation arrangements for you with Daytona Pet Crematory.

Cremation without return of your pet's ashes.  This is also known as communal cremation as your pet is cremated with other pets at Greenbrier of Central Florida. Your pet and their ashes will be treated with dignity and respect, with the ashes placed in an area of their pet cemetery.  The fee for cats is $30, the fee for dogs less than 125 pounds is $60, and the fee for dogs weighing more than 125 pounds is $75


Other Options.  You may choose to make your own arrangements for the care of your pet after they have passed away.  Angels At The End always comes prepared to provide aftercare in case your circumstances change.  If you are considering burial of your pet, please check with the local ordinances and home owner association agreements as burial is prohibited in many locations.  If burial is an option for you, please be aware that the body of any euthanized pet will be toxic, possibly fatally, to pets or wildlife that disturb the grave site.  Be sure your pet's body and grave are secured against accidental poisoning of another animal.  Even if burial is an option, consider carefully what the future may hold for you.  I have had clients express regret that they sold or moved away from where their pets were buried.